Holographic 3D display technology with outstanding results

With the HYPERVSN Wall you can produce large scale breath taking images. HYPERVSN Walls can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit your space and meet your brand requirements.

Holographic 3D display technology


Incredible high definition
3D holographic visuals

3D Software Tool

Create & Customize
3D content

Management App

Control your 3D displays
and content

  • Combination of multiple holographic devices
  • Amazing large scale visuals
  • Managable content through our software
  • Create and customize 3D content. No design skills required
  • Ready-made content from our Library, to enhance your visuals
  • Devices, users and holographic campaigns management
    with our Pro Management Software


HYPERVSN Wall can be applied across multiple industries and settings, ranging from retail shops, shopping malls, event agencies, bars, tradeshows and showrooms.

It can be also applied for Educational and Entertainment purposes.

Make your business benefit

Designed to amaze, HYPERVSN Wall is a solidly business oriented technological and creative solution that offers incredible value.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of the HYPERVSN Wall holographic system?